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What is a Home Information Pack and why do I need one?

The Home Information Pack (also known as the HIP) is compulsory for most homes on the market in England and Wales. Important changes were made to HIPs on 6 April 2009. You can now get a HIP for a property as soon as it comes on to the market. A HIP is a set of documents that provides the buyer with key information on the property and must be provided by the seller or the seller's agent. It is a legal requirement to have a HIP and you can't market your property without one.

What does this mean?

One of our assessors will visit the property and gather site notes that will then enable him to work out the energy efficiency of the building. This is very complex and requires a number of tasks to be carried out.

The assessor will need to know everything regarding the property including: The age, how it is heated, how it is cooled, what it is made of, which way it faces, the area and use of each part of the building and other such data. He will also draw a floor plan whilst there and take numerous photos. In addition a number of searches will also take place, i.e. Land Registry searches, local land searches, local authority searches and drainage and water searches.

In addition you will be required to complete a The Property Information Questionnaire. This provides a helpful checklist of simple information about a property buyers need to know before making any decision on the property.

What do I get?

After this data has been calculated and the searches are completed a report is produced. The report details how energy efficient your property is and also includes details of all the searched that have taken place and the results.

In addition to this we also include an explanation of what the recommendations are and how they are beneficial.

Why use Bluestone Assessors?

Bluestone are an energy analysis specialised company and have surveyed thousands of properties for numerous clients including housing associations, solicitors, estate agents, facility managers and even other energy companies! We aim to provide the most efficient service at the most competitive rate, with no hidden costs and free additional reports advice and access to government documents.

We aim to help you reduce your CO2 output, reduce your running costs and keep things as simple as possible. Prices start from only 225.00

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